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Fill out my contact form if I can help you with anything or if you just have some questions.


Don't Forget,

Contact Gemini Gun Werks, For All Your  FFL Transfers...

Hello, I'm Michael Tabinski - Thanks for visiting my site. . . 
I've been a safety professional in San Antonio, Tx for more than 20 years, but I've been a gun enthusiast my entire life...  Finally, I decided to make it more than just a hobby. 

Certified Armorer: 
   Sig Sauer P320
   Sig Sauer P365
   Sig Sauer Classic Line
        P220  |  P224  |  P225  |  P226
        P227  |  P228  |  P229  |  P239      

I have done many Glock builds and am very adept at working on them.  Let me know if I
can help you with your Glock?

As you can see by my jacket in the picture, I am an NRA Endowment Life Member and a TRSA Life Member.


Safety is Priority One at Gemini Gun Werks, LLC

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