Federal law prohibits anyone from selling or transferring a firearm directly to an unlicensed person in another state.  This means, in order to acquire a gun online from a seller located in another state, a buyer will have to have the firearm shipped to a licensed dealer to process the sale.  If the buyer is acquiring a firearm, the gun will have to be shipped to a licensed dealer in the buyer’s state of residence.

Federal law requires licensed gun dealers to conduct in-person background checks on gun purchasers (LTC holders are exempt from background checks) and to maintain records of their sales.  If a person orders a firearm through a licensed gun dealer’s website—whether or not the dealer operates in the same state as the buyer—the dealer will be required to ship the firearm to a FFL Licensed gun dealer, who will then be responsible for handling the background check and sales record and delivering the gun to the buyer.  


This is where Gemini Gun Werks comes in...no transfer hassles, all you have to do is purchase your firearm online and we can do the transfer for you.  Just fill out the simple form below, submit and Gemini Gun Werks will follow-up with you shortly to arrange your transfer.

FEES: $20.00 single firearm  ($15.00 each additional firearm processed on same 4473 form)

Safety is Priority One at Gemini Gun Werks, LLC

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